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Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx

Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx was established in 2003 as Blue Diamond Trading and is situated in Johannesburg, South Africa. We are supplying bulk to the food and cosmetic industry. Our products are co- packed and manufactured under licence. This naturally very clean salt with all its minerals and trace elements has been regarded for thousands of years to have healing properties.

All products sold by Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx are from Southern Africa and are all natural, organic, health supportive and fashionable.

Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx has also produced a premier bath salt range of products with different compositions of the purest top quality aromatherapy oils with a long shelf life.

After researching the gourmet salt market Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx found that approximately 95% of the gourmet salt available is sea salt.  It stands to reason; if the seawater used to manufacture the salt is polluted, (as is the case with so many industrial accidents and waste polluting our oceans and lakes), so will be the salt that is produced from the sea.

Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx looked into alternatives to sea salt and discovered ancient inland salt pans formed underground in a pollution free semi desert and made it available to you the consumer as well as the health food sector.  If the great chefs of the world can use gourmet salt, why not you?

Looking further at the incredible demand in organic natural products worldwide and the increasing demand for pure pollution free products, the salt we found verified by the South African Geosciences leach from a formation called the Dwyka and settled in underground saltpans during the Palaeozoic period
280 million years ago
.  We at Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx are supplying Kalahari & Silver Crystal Gourmet Salt with the highest natural quality in mind.

Kalahari & Silver Crystal Gourmet Salt is pure pristine 100% all natural, sun dried, underground salt, harvested in the semi- desert of South Africa.


Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx
Roland M. Fritz – Director
Max Wilgen – Marketing Director
REG. NO. 2003/080288/23
VAT Number: 4930212305
Email: info@kalaharisalt.co.za


Product Certificate of Analysis

Codex Alumentarius

Trademark Certificate

  1. Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx is located in Johannesburg South Africa
  2. USA/FDA registered (Bio Terrorism Act) FDA Reg. Nr. 15893708040
  3. U.S. HTS code, HTS 25010000 described as Salt & Sodium Chloride
  4. Health Certification (AOR) packaging plant
  5. (South African Bureau of Standards) conforms to SABS standard specification for salt.
  6. South African Council for Geosciences 300 million year old verification (AOR)
  7. Batch numbered – Jars / Boxes / Pallets
  8. Recyclable packaging – Boxes / POS material
  9. Kalahari Salt™ is a Trademark of Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx.

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